George brings the urgency and insight of an entrepreneur to legal matters and to general business problems he brings a lawyer’s ability to cut through complexity to find the essence of the issue. George brings his full attention, his considerable energy, and formidable skills to all his endeavors. I have witnessed first-hand his ability to advise the manager of a small business on marketing strategy, to implement Sarbanes Oxley compliance in a large organization, and to guide, as a legal and strategic advisor, a billion dollar acquisition. To each of these engagements George applies his extensive experience and intelligence with grace and integrity. His expertise in corporate governance, his business operating experience, entrepreneurial bent, and legal background combine to create a professional of immense value to any business.

— William Strouss, CFO (Ret.), Anvil International

George is a thoughtful and creative problem solver with a strong bias toward getting things done. I served as a board member with George for a family owned middle market company and was always impressed with the multi-disciplinary and cross-industry perspective he brought to the meetings and the issue at hand. I saw firsthand the benefits of George’s ability to cut an issue along legal, financial and operational lines and provide a unique view to the discussion. This approach to issues in the boardroom quickly moved George from board member to trusted advisor.

— Tony Pucillo, Senior Managing Director, Corinthian Capital

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for your amazing work last week. Had I not been slammed in catch-up mode since then I would have sent this earlier.

It was fascinating, inspiring and extremely impressive to see you and Lou [Clinical associate] in action.  You handled everything brilliantly.  In addition to being pleased with the process and the outcome, I'm glad to have had this chance to discover what mediation work looks like and to learn about the concepts in [assigned reading]: such valuable wisdom for all parts of life.

Again, many thanks, and I do hope we'll have a chance to continue this work with you and/or Lou over time to help keep things on an even keel.  I'll be talking to everyone about that.


Name Redacted
2019 Business mediation client – Two families, one business
Mediation occurred over a three-month period

On behalf of everyone who was involved yesterday I wanted to thank you for your time, effort, and diligence.  It can't be easy wading through years of information (incomplete information - at times) and juggling everyone's agenda, idea's and different personalities.  You are a good man and take your task\ job seriously, for that I am very appreciative.

You did your time on our behalf and it could not have been easy. If ever needed, I'd be more than happy to provide a reference for you and your services.  I apologize for my quick departure, but I was burnt out by the end of the day and needed some fresh air and change of scenario.  [Another party to the mediation] told me he ate his steering wheel on his way back home!

Thanks again, and if you ever find yourself in [City] give me a call and we can grab a drink!

Thank you again!


Name Redacted
2019 Business mediation client – Four shareholders.
Mediation occurred over a three-month period.

I began working professionally with George when he took charge of the business of a long-time client. We both knew that this would not be an easy position because the business had already had some years of difficulties, both operationally and financially. As it evolved, I became very impressed with George’s performance.

George began by assessing the Company’s strengths and weaknesses and by identifying opportunities for improvements as well as for revenue growth. I worked closely with him and found him to be very competent and knowledgeable. He was logical, well organized, and communicated well with all levels of personnel. I particularly enjoyed when we met to discuss problem solutions because he brought to the table a broad spectrum of experience and ideas. George uniquely combines the knowledge of a lawyer, a CPA, and a seasoned business executive.

I highly recommend George to anyone entering into a new venture, needing to make changes to an existing enterprise, or seeking advice and counsel on a variety of business or related matters.

— Richard J. Jastrem, CPA, Founding partner of Walsh, Jastrem & Browne, L

I have been recommending George to my clients for their legal business issues for over twenty years. George is especially talented in matters requiring high emotional intelligence. George has artfully and successfully assisted clients in situations where an in depth understanding of the interpersonal dynamics, whether between buyer and seller, family members, and/or the involved professionals, were complex, nuanced, and necessary to achieve a successful result. I continue, from time to time, to meet with clients I had referred to George, in some cases twenty years later, where mention of his name continues to bring a warm smile. George has a quiet confidence which allows him the comfort of “thinking outside the box”. The multiple perspectives, both professional and personal, which George brings to the field of play, make him uniquely qualified to counsel businesses where the human dynamic is central to moving the matter forward.

 — Gregory A. Daoust, CPA

I have worked closely with George Bukuras in two different companies in the last few years. He has a unique blend of skills: Successful business background, legal expertise, and accounting expertise. As a successful  businessman who is a lawyer and an accountant, he has perspectives that few people (in my experience) have. He has worked with large mature companies as well as early stage companies. His emotional intelligence and set of skills make him an asset to assist a wide variety of companies.

— Frederic Alper, CEO (Ret.), Morris Alper & Sons