Client Profiles

who has spent his career building the business he now operates and has never been in a more mature environment and is not quite sure what is required to foster and control continued growth;

who desires to grow in an accelerated manner through acquisition, yet has never closed on an acquisition before and lacks the internal resources necessary to execute;

who, for the first time, is in need of outside capital, for a special project, or to accelerate growth, but has only had experience with conventional bank financing in the past;

with multiple business entities, in need of an advisor who can serve as a true business counselor who focuses specifically on the entrepreneur’s collective individual interests;

surrounded by a myriad of professional specialists, but lacking a seasoned generalist with the experience and perspective to help integrate the, sometimes competing, advice of the various specialties;

who has had enough, and wishes to monetize the asset he has devoted his career building, and needs assistance understanding alternatives;

who finds her business in distress as a result of the unexpected and seeks assistance adapting, achieving stability and returning to a path of growth, with the help of someone skilled in such events.

with hopes of continuing the business for the next generation and is need of assistance mediating all of the diverse familial concerns and nuances to enable continuation of the family business;

wondering how best to liquidate a portion of the business to facilitate the exit of an earlier generation of ownership;

in need of perspective and experience not possessed within the family at board level and/or in significant management positions;

in need of a multi-disciplinary talent to mediate issues within the family which impacts the business;

in need of systems to foster harmony between the interests of non-operating family members and the business;

in need of mentoring for the next generation of family leaders.