Business Advisory Services

Given the founder’s unique blend of experience, the firm’s approach is unconventional, holistic and pragmatic.

Milestone helps business enterprises assess the present state of the business, identify strategic options, develop action plans, and execute on business initiatives. Whether the need relates to organizational maturation and development, family business continuation planning, liquidity matters, response to an unexpected event or challenge, or matters of corporate and/or family governance, Milestone has the experience and human resource to guide the client’s passage through various challenges and accelerate the achievement of developmental milestones.

Milestone’s work often occurs before the need for traditional professional service presents itself, thus complementing rather than supplanting the client’s existing professional relationships. Milestone’s role evolves into one more akin to that of an active board member, than outside professional.

Through interviews with the owner, key personnel, other family members and advisors, the firm develops an objective assessment of the state of the enterprise.

Based upon the stated objectives of the owners, the firm helps identify paths which may be followed to facilitate organizational growth in a manner consistent with the goals of the company’s owners.

Going from ideas to action takes experience, pragmatism and an in depth understanding of what exists and what is needed in the organization.

Going from one developmental phase to the next often requires a blend of skill and experience which has not been modeled for the entrepreneur. The firm has the experience and resources to provide guidance and assistance.