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What people are saying:

George is a thoughtful and creative problem solver with a strong bias toward getting things done. I served as a board member with George for a family owned middle market company and was always impressed with the multi-disciplinary and cross-industry perspective he brought to the meetings and the issue at hand.

I saw firsthand the benefits of George’s ability to cut an issue along legal, financial and operational lines and provide a unique view to the discussion. This approach to issues in the boardroom quickly moved George from board member to trusted advisor.

Tony Pucillo

Senior Managing Director, Corinthian Capital

I have worked closely with George Bukuras in two different companies in the last few years. He has a unique blend of skills: Successful business background, legal expertise, and accounting expertise. As a successful  businessman who is a lawyer and an accountant, he has perspectives that few people (in my experience) have. He has worked with large mature companies as well as early stage companies. His emotional intelligence and set of skills make him an asset to assist a wide variety of companies.

Frederic Alper

CEO (Ret.), Morris Alper & Sons

George brings the urgency and insight of an entrepreneur to legal matters and to general business problems he brings a lawyer’s ability to cut through complexity to find the essence of the issue. George brings his full attention, his considerable energy, and formidable skills to all his endeavors. I have witnessed first-hand his ability to advise the manager of a small business on marketing strategy, to implement Sarbanes Oxley compliance in a large organization, and to guide, as a legal and strategic advisor, a billion dollar acquisition. To each of these engagements George applies his extensive experience and intelligence with grace and integrity. His expertise in corporate governance, his business operating experience, entrepreneurial bent, and legal background combine to create a professional of immense value to any business.

William Strouss

CFO (Ret.), Anvil International

In all of my years in business, having dealt with hundreds of advisors, I know of no one who has achieved success on such diverse platforms: law, finance, and operations, nor at such diverse scale: small, middle-market, and very large companies. George truly possesses a unique blend of perspectives and experience that cannot help but to improve the “batting average” of any business with which he may associate.

Frank E. Previte

CEO, EBI Consulting